At the end of the day, aren't we all just trying to understand what the fucking point is of any of this?

On WtFP, my guests and I explore a broad range of topics related to finding meaning in a complicated world— psychology, spirituality, philosophy, magic, ecological and social justice, and more. 

Format: Mostly interviews (~1 hour) with some shorter solo episodes.

Frequency: The show used to be weekly and now comes out more sporadically, though make sure to stay subscribed so you don't miss an episode!

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Born out of my own desire for a podcast like this, {re:}charge gives you a quick shot of inspiration, motivation and encouragement for the day ahead.

Sometimes, we don't need even more information crammed into our brains, or yet another long-form interview— hell, I can't listen to a third of the podcasts I think are great because listening to them all would be a full-time job!

{re:}charge keeps it simple to support you in getting aligned and energized for the day.

Format: 4-7 minute mini-muffin episodes

Frequency: Every weekday

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Show notes for "What's the F***ing Point?" are available on the blog. Show notes for {re:}charge are usually very brief, and can be fully viewed in your podcast player or here.

Both shows should be available on all podcast listening platforms.