I am thrilled to have the opportunity to blend two of my biggest loves in life: writing and healing work. As a psychotherapist who has built a successful private-pay practice thanks in large part to my online presence, when I realized the potential to help other therapists and healers do the same, it felt like the lights had just turned on in a room I didn’t even realize was dark! 

Here's the deal — I know you're smart. 

You made it through grad school or other intensive, grueling training, thousands of hours in the trenches for licensure, licensing & certification exams— and now on top of all of that, you’re an entrepreneur. Could you write your own copy? Hell yeah, you could — but…

Remember that phrase we always preach — “it’s okay to ask for help”?

Just because you can do something on your own doesn’t mean you have to. Just because you’re a great therapist/healer doesn’t mean you have extensive training or skills in marketing or copywriting, or that you enjoy doing it. 

I get it: delegating something you could do on your own is a tough call to make, and I’m certainly not here to pressure you into anything that you don’t want or need to do. But if you’d rather spend your most finite resource (time) working on other aspects of your business, I’m here to handle this part. 

In today’s world where your website (and Psychology Today profile) is your storefront, copy matters. Though I get a fair amount of referrals now from clients and other therapists/providers, my online presence has accounted for over 60% of my clients. They routinely say in the intake process, “I read so many profiles and websites, and yours really spoke to me.” 

There aren’t many of us combo therapist + copywriters out there, and when I recognized that I’d often be working til late at night on my own website and other writing projects — and not wanting to go to sleep because I enjoy it so much — I knew this was a gift that I could share to empower other healers to shine your brightest and reach more of the people you want to work with. 

Hey y’all, I’m Valerie.

When I was eight years old, I wrote a play about a desert giant named Lucy with chili pepper lights for hair. It got my Odyssey of the Mind team ranked in regionals, and from that moment on, I loved writing. 

Though I didn’t choose creative writing or English as my primary academic path, my college internships and first full-time job out of undergrad were all in PR and marketing firms where I learned to hone my natural writing skills to help products and services sell. I learned to tell compelling stories, even about less-than-scintillating B2B software. 

Now as a therapist, part of what I do best is help my clients to re-sculpt their own narratives in a way that empowers them and helps them live more in alignment with their deepest-held values. 

Copywriting for Therapists,
Coaches, and Other Healers 

why trust me with your copy?

You’ve read this far — whatcha waitin’ for?

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Through my copywriting work, I now get to expand that impact even further by helping you reach your ideal clients so you can look at your schedule and feel excited and energized about the work you get to do, because your ideal clients really see what you have to offer. 

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Packages + Pricing

Pricing for all packages except the DIY Copy Bootcamp Call include a deep dive into your business so I can deliver the most on-point, effective copy.

Payment plans are available for projects over $1,000.

DIY Copy bootcamp 

Ready to take your website or marketing materials from “meh” to “hell yes”? Let’s do this.

On a 60-minute Zoom call, we’ll walk through your Psychology Today profile and website so I can give you highly personalized and specific feedback with actionable tasks for improving your copy that you can implement immediately.

If you feel fairly confident about your writing abilities but know you need a revamp and some expert eyes + feedback, this is a great package for you. 



Single pringle

Just need one page of kickass copy? Whether it’s your Psych Today profile, your homepage, or about page, I’ll deliver copy that’s high impact and tailored for your niche and ideal client. 

(Note that significantly more extensive/complex pages, like sales pages, may require additional cost that would be discussed up front.)



triple scoop

Like a vintage farmhouse, your website has good bones, but it needs some work. 

I’ll craft killer copy for your 3 most important pages: your homepage, about page, and Psychology Today profile (or a third page of your choice if you’ve already whipped that sucker into shape.) 



the whole shebanG

You know your strengths, and you know when to delegate out. If you have bigger things to worry about in your business than learning how to write copy that’s compelling to your ideal client, I’ll handle that part. This package includes the Triple Scoop, plus 5 additional pages of your choice, such as FAQ and Service + Specialty pages. On top of the detailed questionnaire completed for other packages, we’ll also have a 60 minute kick-off call.

marketing materials

Whether you’re looking for rack cards to stock in referring physicians’ offices, a memorable thank-you postcard to mail to your referrals, or an opt-in asset to build your email list, I can help you create your next great marketing piece.

Depending on the complexity of the design you’re looking for, I may be able to do the graphic design and layout in addition to the copy. 

Need copy for something else entirely? Hell, if I can write a 20-page eBook about retail point-of-sale software and actually make it interesting, I’m pretty sure I can make anything compelling.

Have a big idea?

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